We offer the following brands.

Ana Sousa
Looking for delicious and unique quality clothes, Ana Sousa is the right choice. With its innovative thinking, Ana Sousa's clothes, shoes and accessories are a good choice for the woman who wants a little more of her outfit.

Inspired by the modern, sophisticated woman who, above all, loves being a woman, this line presents modern proposals in a discreet evocation of luxury and sophisticated good taste in the choice of the best wardrobe to suit each moment.

Since 1998 Ana Sousa has taken Europe and the rest of the world by storm. Quality and unique design with surprising elements from top to toe are characterized by the popular brand.

Angela Davis
Angela Davis is an Italian apparel brand; it was founded in the late '90s and immediately distinguished by its style and identity. 

Angela Davis will appeal to a dynamic and ultra-feminine woman, attentive to the latest fashion trends and the quality of the garments at affordable prices. 

Portuguese Ferrache was founded in 1988, with the desire to create feminine collections. Ferrache assumes itself as synonymous with color, glamor, luxury and sophistication.

Jonny Q Jeans
JQ Cosmetic Jeans is an international denim brand produced in Italy. The company was founded in London in 1978 by Pasquale Orza.

Jonny Q was created with a vision of revolutionizing the market for jeans and making jeans fashionable. They worked with the fitting and they were the first in the world to launch jeans with stretches. Their innovative thinking and design made the brand rapidly becoming popular among fashionistas’.

JQ Jeans is a famous classic among our customers.

Lemon Jelly
Designed, developed and produced in Portugal, Lemon Jelly is a high-tech product, with emphasis on choice of material and special details. Lemon Jelly is perfect choice for the Danish weather - they are colorful and have a beautiful scent of lemon.

The philosophy and expression of Lemon Jelly is the idea of an explosion of all the good moments of life. To be with friends, summer evenings, laughter, parties and a trip in the city.

Add a neutral, fresh or sparkling color to your outfit.

MAC Jeans
MAC Jeans are comfortable and modern jeans where fit and comfort are in the top. Let yourself be inspired and see if your future jeans should be a MAC model.

Be surprised. Are your new favorite jeans model: Dream, Lovely or Anna? And do you prefer skinny or bootcut? Mac jeans are available all year arround blue and black and in addition there are season models.

German Oui is a fashion company that was established in the 1950s and is now run by 3rd generation.

Oui is known for having a passion for knit but today has a big collection. Experience their universe where they focus on adding that extra detail.

Since 70’s behind Paquito’s world is based on love and respect for fashion, combined with an innovative and dynamic spirit.

Thanks to quality products and to unique and “up with the times” style, Paquito is now a wellknow Italian brand.

Rinascimento says; The beautiful thing about being a woman

We interpret the desires of a real woman, who is independent and aware of her femininity. 
A woman with a strong personality, dynamic, glamorous and never predictable. 
A woman who likes to choose. 
Who likes to be the centre of attention. 
Always perfect right down to the finest detail. 

Rinascimento today means all this and much more. 
Our distinctive mark lies in the ability to offer a large variety of trendy garments and accessories collections updated in real time, thanks to a production philosophy that ensures both quality and a constant restocking.  

The result is an ever-evolving style, based on a total look concept that is contemporary, determined and accessible at the same time, which expresses our passion for beautiful things that are designed with care and for the feminine world in all its aspects.